Powderhorn National Ski Patrol 



The National Ski Patrol (NSP) is a volunteer organization.  Although you will not be paid in dollars for your time, the compensation for your efforts is tremendous. The Patrol takes great pride and satisfaction from helping, aiding, and interacting with the skiing and snowboarding community, which enhances the safety and enjoyment of snow sports for all. 

           Tax deductions: 
           Expenses associated with Ski Patrol are tax deductible because the NSP is classified as a non-profit organization.  Some of these expenses include OEC tuition and              textbook, CPR certification, clothing, and equipment. If you travel for training purposes, meals, travel, lodging and course costs may also be tax deductable.  Please                consult your tax professional if you would like to determine the applicability of these deductions to your situation.

           Powderhorn skiing: 
           Once on patrol, you will receive a Powderhorn Resort season pass and your choice of either season passes for your immediate family members in your household or              complimentary day passes.  If you choose to receive the day passes, you will receive approximately ten passes, each of which may be exchanged for a full-day ski                  pass.  You may give these passes to anyone of your choosing.

           Powderhorn discounts: 
           You will receive discounts on meals, lodging, lessons, equipment, clothing, and rental services at Powderhorn.   Family members using Powderhorn season passes                will receive discounts associated with those passes.

           Equipment discounts: 
           Many sporting good stores choose to offer discounts to ski patrollers.  Please note that this benefit is available entirely at individual store owners’ discretion.  

           Skiing discounts: 
           Enjoy the National Ski Patrol discount on tickets at designated major ski resorts. 

           Free skiing: 
           Under the current Gem’s program, you will be able to ski for half price at Colorado's Gem resorts.  For more information about this program, click on the following

           link.  GEM Resorts
           National Ski Patrol: 
           Participate in and enjoy the benefits of NSP, the world's largest winter rescue organization.  You may attend regional and national conventions, order patrol-related                  gear  through the NSP website, and continue learning about patrol-related topics.  Some of these topics include avalanche safety, winter survival, advanced medical                care, and advanced ski and boarding skills.  Again, for more information, click on the following link.
National Ski Patrol
           Improve your riding ability: 
           Even if you do not choose to take advantage of advanced ski and boarding clinics, your ski or boarding skills will improve as you train to become and work as a                        patroller.
Improve your physical condition: 
          The exercise involved in toboggan training and working as a patroller will help you to get into and stay in shape!

          You will get to enjoy a great group of people—not just your fellow patrollers, but all the staff at Powderhorn!  You will also be welcome to join patrol excursions, which               may include such activities as whitewater rafting, hiking, road biking, or mountain biking. 

Active Patroller Requirements
           In order to maintain your status as an active member of PNSP, you will be required annually to complete the following:
            Pay an annual membership fee to the National Ski Patrol.

            Patrol 14 days during the season. You must be ready to go at 8:00 a.m. on your patrol days, and will normally be released around 5 p.m. after our final meeting. You               will sign up for patrol days at the beginning of the ski season and again at mid season. You are free to choose your days, as long as you spread your commitment                   out over the entire ski season.

            Recertify your OEC through an eight-hour refresher course.  You may fulfill this requirement either at refresher organized by PNSP every October or at any other OEC             refresher course sponsored by other ski patrols throughout the United States.

            Recertify your CPR/AED licensure.  Again, PNSP organizes this recertification course prior to the start of each season; if you are unable to attend PNSP’s                               recertification course, you may attend any other such course sponsored by other organizations.

           Complete PNSP-sponsored lift evacuation training.  This training takes place at Powderhorn annually prior to the start of the ski season.

           Demonstrate and review toboggan handling skills, mountain safety procedures, lift evacuation procedures, and patrol skills during the season.

           Optional - participate in the annual National Ski Patrol Ski Swap.