​​​Powderhorn Young Adult Ski Patrol Curriculum

The objective of the Young Adult Ski Patrol program is to motivate and train young men and women who aspire to become patrollers with the National Ski Patrol. 

Prospective Young Adults must be between the ages of 15 and 18 during their training, and must have skiing or boarding ability to safely and comfortably access all terrain within the boundaries of Powderhorn.  Skiing and boarding ability will be assessed not later than Day 1 of training.  This is not a learn-to-ski program and candidates judged insufficiently skilled will be invited to try again the following year.   This is a stringent training program which promises learning and fun, yet demands dedication and responsibility from its Candidates.

There are 3 primary elements to Young Adult training, Ski & Toboggan (S&T), Lift Evacuation and Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) / CPR.  S&T consists of 12 days of ski or snowboard and toboggan training, patient assessment and loading, mountain awareness, and several additional patroller responsibilities.  Lift Evac teaches self and passenger evacuation from a stalled lift.  OEC is roughly equivalent to an EMT-basic program, designed for a non-urban setting.  The objective of OEC is to stabilize the patient and transport them to more definitive care. CPR is a single evening, rescuer-level course taught in the fall as part of OEC.  When the Young Adult candidate is able to successfully demonstrate competence in these 3 training elements, he or she will become a Young Adult Patroller, with all its responsibilities, honors and privileges.  This membership can be transferred into an adult Patroller membership once the Young Adult becomes a legal adult at 18 years of age and with approval of the Patrol Director.   

Prospective Young Adults are welcome to participate in any or all of these elements as their schedules and interest dictate.  All we ask is that you complete any element you start.  Many candidates prefer to complete S&T before the other elements, but the sequence is up to you.  S&T typically runs from late December through March with training days roughly split between Saturdays and Sundays.  Candidates are expected to be ready to go with boots on for the 8 am briefing, and will generally be finished around 5 pm.  A training outline is attached and while it is best to attend all 12 days, Young Adults are requested to attend a minimum of 8 training days.  Lift evac takes a full weekend day at Powderhorn in October or November.  2010 OEC consists of 16 classroom sessions over eight weeks, meeting each Tuesday and Thursday of October and November, except Thanksgiving week, from 6 pm to10 pm (though often done early).  There are two exams following the classroom training early December, a written exam where the candidate must score 80% or better to pass, and a practical “pass/fail” exam on the mountain. 

Annual $65 dues must be paid, application made and liability waiver signed before participation in any of the training elements.  Dues are generally reimbursed after the season for those who work at the November Ski Swap and diligently pursue their training through the season.  The OEC program costs $225, including CPR, the text and workbook.  For candidates without a season pass, Powderhorn will supply a non-transferrable day pass for the sole purpose of participating in the Young Adult program that day.

You will acquire valuable life skills from every one of the training elements.  PNSP encourages your participation in any or all of them, regardless of whether or not you continue on to be a Patroller.  If your high school requires community service hours, our program is intended to provide them.

NSP= National Ski Patrol
PNSP= Powderhorn National Ski Patrol
YA= Young Adult
S&T= Ski and Toboggan
OEC= Outdoor Emergency Care
RMD= Rocky Mountain Division (of the NSP)
RMD-WR= Rocky Mountain Division, Western Region (of the NSP)

Important Contacts within Powderhorn

 Rondo Beuchler 
 Powderhorn Ski patrol Director  970-260-5848 
 Pat Trimm Powderhorn NSP Advisor/Patrol Representative  970-270-6703
 Pat Trimm OEC Program Administrator 970-270-6703
Chad Kincaid PNSP YA Coordinator / Trainer (YA) 970 623-0475
General Powderhorn Resort Operator - Main Number 970 268-5700

 Powderhorn National Ski Patrol